Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alito and Abortion

One thing that has occured to me as I have watched the Alito hearings, and it seems that this occurs out of order because it took place on Tuesday, but I have been mulling it around in my head. Spector and all the Democrats are trying to paint Alito into a corner on abortion and his views regarding it. They used phrases regarding Roe as "super-duper precedent" and point out that it has been standing for 35 years and been tested many times.

Well, if memory serves me correctly, under that logic then Plessy v. Ferguson would be "super-duper precedent." I know the liberals are turning over in their grave: "How dare you say that!" "You want to reinstate segregation!" "You're a racist!!!" so for those that think that a super-duper precedent can't be over turned are just wrong. Also, the party that is so for equality is the party that is so racist by thinking they can make decisions for the minority community about welfare, yet they tout a "women's right to choose." unbelievable.

As Mark Levin said today: "We won. Don't worry about Alito because we won my friend."

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